Project Management

Whether it’s a simple garage or a full family compound, you need a builder who knows how to bring your dreams to fruition.

That goes far beyond design and construction. Coordinating and timing the thousands of elements in a project is an enormously complex task. And if it’s not done properly, it can result in costly delays.

At From the Ground Up Construction we have a proud track record of project management that ensures your build will be completed on time and on budget.


A large construction project can be thought of as a series of smaller, interconnected projects, each one involving different trades. Electricians, plumbers, heating installers, tile-setters, landscapers, roofers… all of them need to be on site at specific times, and all need clear direction to ensure their work meshes perfectly into the whole project. 

Our skilled and experienced staff have the experience and expertise to ensure everyone’s work goes smoothly and integrates seamlessly. The end result for our clients is a better build with no headaches.


From gravel and cement to carpet and countertops, your project will need hundreds of carefully-timed deliveries. If materials arrive late, work is delayed; too soon, and they’re in the way. 

Working with our network of carefully-selected suppliers, or engaging with firms that our customers choose, we plan and communicate carefully to ensure that materials are on site exactly when they’re needed.


Navigating the web of municipal, provincial and federal rules can be a complex task. When building on or near water, the challenge is even greater. When building in Muskoka, an experienced builder is essential.

Our skilled team is adept at working with all regulatory authorities, ensuring that your construction project is approved, inspected, and documented without costly delays.