Beautiful homes, whatever the style

Square log or timber frame, there’s nothing quite like the look and feel of a log home. The visual texture and sound quality can’t be beat, and the aesthetic of log is particularly at home in Muskoka.

But if logs aren’t to your liking, we’re also builders with a wealth of experience in conventional ‘stick’ framing, allowing us to offer our clients solutions that incorporate a multitude of construction styles.



Milled and shaped off-site, square logs are shipped to the construction site pre-cut and ready to be assembled. Crafting a square log home is more than just a matter of snapping the pieces together, though. Like any wood, logs will shrink and settle over time – our experience and expertise helps to ensure that your home remains snug and energy-efficient throughout the settling-in process.



Timber frame construction uses massive, exposed beams to form the structure of the house. It’s ideal for people who want to use beautiful wood as an accent rather than as the dominant visual element of the home.



Conventional wall framing is a way to achieve unconventional beauty, whether the look is ultra-modern, classic cottage, or something else entirely. Whatever the aesthetic, beneath the surface is a building envelope that’s crafted to be energy-efficient and durable.



Incorporating elements of log or timber frame construction into a conventional framing system is more difficult than it sounds. Blending heavy timbers with dimensional lumber requires a solid understanding of how the different materials respond to their environment. 

As builders with many years of experience in conventional framing and log construction, we’re adept at crafting stunning buildings where beauty and function meet, regardless of the materials.



A custom home always provides opportunities for the craftsman to show his or her talents. Whether it’s tight joinery and dramatic beam work or whimsical and playful elements, the skills of our builders are on full display in every one of our homes.